Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Read Lisa Marie LMNOP's 24Hr-Comic Day comic, 2015

Go to her site and scroll down a bit
More of her work:   -


Read Neal Skorpen 24Hr-Comic Day comic, 2015

More of his work - 

Read Jack Kotz's 24Hr-Comic Day comic, 2015

More of Jack Kotz's work -

Read John Bivens 24Hr-Comic Day comic, 2015

More of his work
John Bivens:

Read Alex Mitchell. 24hr-Comic Day comic, 2015

Go check out Alex comic at

More of his work at - & TUMBLR: red-fathoms

24hr -comic day, 2015 - Later in the day; Pizza and doughnuts


Pizza arrives (provided by Source Comics & Games)
 Late in the evening some people left
 Phil Lee and Carlito Quinones change space
 Latham Luepke at the MN Center for Book Arts' library
Night shift: Maddy Gonzalez, Spencer Amudson, Jack Kotz, Alex Araiza

Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Official participants' photos

This picture was taken at the MN Center for Book Arts - Oct 3rd, 2015, around noon.

 Oct 4th, 2015, around 6AM.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

24 Hour Comics Day 2015, early afternoon

24 Hour Comic Day 2015 is in full force at the Center for Book Arts today! Stop on down to check it out and participate!

I dropped by with a load of 24 hour comic boxes from previous years for all the participants. There are still a number of them left for anyone who wants one, so stop on by and grab one while they are still around if you want one, no participation necessary.

Hard to believe we've been doing these annually most years for over a decade, now. Here are the participants so far today. Unfortunately, I did not get everyone's name (we all miss David Steinlicht... if you want your name added let me know at webmaster(at)

Come see these fresh early afternoon faces slowly deteriorate into madness as the night wears on!

 Latham is hanging out and greeting folks up front. -

Ryan Dow is crying in a corner, working on a heap of Captain Sadness strips.-

James Powell -

Alex Mitchell - - TUMBLR: red-fathoms
 Kristin Tipping -

Jacob Y.
 Thomas Boguszewski

 Neal Skorpen -

 Event organizer Carlos Merino. Thank you, Carlos! -

 Sarah Kopitske

Jajeev Nithiananda Nithianarda -

Jon Sloan -

 Lisa Marie (not Presley) -   -
Read her 24hr comic at

Phil Lee - (The Onion Knight)

 Maddi Gonzalez -

Spencer Amudson -
 Sara Martin - &

 Alex Araiza -

Jack Kotz -
Carlito Quinones -

And of course, Ted Anderson, photographed against his will and not participating, but providing moral support for the cartooning community, one of his many natural talents.

Also participated:
Erika  Finne: -
John Bivens:
Felipe Camargo Rojas -
Kyle Harabedian - -

[Sarah Kopitske, left]
Sara Richardson - and Scott Barrett - also showed up part time in the evening. 
Steven Stwalley, founding father of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, Minneapolis cell, brought 24hr comic boxes of past editions for everybody. - Check out his work at:
- Blog at
- New webcomic, Strip Mall, at

- Old webcomic, Monkey's Paw, at
- Even older webcomic, Soapy the Chicken, at

Thanks again to organizer Carlos Merino and helpers, Latham Luepke, Erika Finne, Neal Skorpen and John Bivens, and our generous sponsors at The Center for Book Arts, The Source Comics and Games (providers of the pizza dinner), and MCAD (providers of coffee and doughnuts galore!) .

Sunday, August 30, 2015

2015--- We are back!

Join us in 2015 to celebrate 24Hour Comic day! 

Oct 3rd at 10AM to Oct 4rd at 10AM

at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James Powell's 24-hour Comic Day comic

"This year I used the time i was there to finish another commission and only got one page of comic done."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Latham Luepke's 24-hour Comic Day comic

"I have it as a chapter in my webcomic. The link to the first page is as follows... It was made in its entirety at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts during 24 hour comic day 2012."