Saturday, October 20, 2007

Knock off that racket upstairs!

[Photo of the poster for the poetry reading.] 8:45 p.m. Some kinda poetry reading or something upstairs. The audience loves it! They're yelling and clapping and sometimes stomping on the floor. Don't they know there's cartooning going on down here?


Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog!

This is Douglas (you remember; you got my name wrong on the picture. And I was the first to finish.)

I'm wondering if you can do me a favor: We missed a couple of things when we packed up to leave. Specifically, Susan's drawing board (about 20" square, with a handle and a big rubber band thingie) and her Lightbox (back in the corner behind the guy who was next to me).

She'll be by in the morning to collect them, but in the mean time, could you put them together? Thanks!

Douglas Cox

David Steinlicht said...

Got 'em, Douglas. Oh, and no need to rub it in about finishing early. Get some sleep why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I appreciate it!


p.s. I'm going to get some sleep here in a few. I like to think I'll be sleeping for those who can't. ;-)