Monday, October 22, 2012

Minnepolis 24-hr Comic Day 2012 Photos

Participant cartoonist at noon, the 20th
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Sen Holiday - -
Carlito Quinones - -
Amanda Sautbine -
Danno Klonowski -

Another year hosted by the Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Drawing late at night

The pizza pic! - Pizza courtesy of THE SOURCE COMICS

It's really all about the pizza

He's a ruthless hooligan! (When not a charming cartoonist)

Working late at night

Danie Benson
Visit Danie Benson's site at - -
Azisa Noor watercoloring
 Visit Azisa Noor's Work at -
Thomas Boguszewski
Visit Thomas Boguszewski's work at
Rob Stenzinger, who accomplished his 24 pages around six AM.
 Visit Rob Stenzinger's site at
Daniel Olson
Visit Daniel Olson's site at
Joe Combs
 Visit Joe Comb's site at

Brandie Hanson
 Visit Brandie Hanson's site at
Avianna Fankenkamp
Avianna, please resend us your site.
Steven Stwalley, the brain of the operation
 Steven Stwalley's blog -
Carlos Merino, su humilde servidor
 Carlos Merino's blog -
Phil Howe, showing his completed 24-page comic
 Phil Howe's site

Kevin Cannon from BIG TIME ATTIC
brought coffee to the braves who stood still  for 24 hours! 


Sen Holiday said...

I was only there for eightish hours, but I (sorta cheated and) got my sketchy, silly comic done. Hoping to be there for all of it next year!

Carlos Merino said...

Thanks for sharing Sen, I am posting your links and getting your name fixed on the pics. My apologies.