Thursday, October 30, 2008

Box update

[From Steve Stwalley:]

Hello brave 24 Hour Comics Day 2008 participants,

Well, we have 16 people confirmed for the comic set, so I guess we will do a box! Note that even if you have not said you want to participate, you still can. Just show up at our November 6th meeting at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe with 50 copies of whatever you did for your 24 hour comic (regardless of whether it was completed or not). All participants in the box set will get a free copy of the box set. Confirmed contributors to the box set are:

Avidor, Ken (Fork it Over)
Cannon, Kevin (Blotchmen and the cover)
Cannon, Zander (Golden Wing Vs. Freezer)
Cook, Roy
Dow, Ryan (Goodbye Kitty)
Furious, Michael
Gillespie, Jesse (Authentic Oriental Martial Role Models)
Grafsgaard, Jim (True Misadventures of Americo Juan)
Klonowski, Danno
Nelson, Carl
Olson, Dan (Somewhere in Montana)
Preston, Issa
Sgier, Michael
Steinlicht, David
Stwalley, Steven (Field Guide to 24 Hour Cartoonists)
Tuck, Lewis

In the likely event I have missed someone, please do let me know.

Note that the UPS store's fantastic 3 cent copy sale is still going on until tomorrow. These copies are stored on a fob and can be used any time. Also note that when I bought some yesterday, I asked about oversized copies and the gentleman running the Quarry location gave me a hot tip. The copier on the right, he claims, will give you an 11x17 prepaid copy for the same price as an 8.5x11. That is twice the real estate on the page for the same price... so if you want to do some extra layout and cutting labor, you could apparently have 1.5 cent copies on that machine! Huzzah!

We will determine what will be done with the extra copies at the meeting. 10 copies will be given to Big Brain for sponsoring.

I think that's it... hope you all participate in this!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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