Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Midnight and My Hand is Numb

Well, not yet, but it hurts like h**l.

This is my first 24 hour comic attempt, and so far I am right on track (except every time I get up to schedule, I have to do something else like a blog entry - ah well, its all part of the experience).

Anyway, my Jessica Abel/Jessica Alba/Jessica Biel comic is progressing nicely. It amazes me that some people managed to churn out 24 pages already and have gone home. Others, of course, have bailed out, or only shown up to provide moral support.

At any rate, its a lot of fun, even if there isn't a ton of conversation - too much drawing to do!

The 'old geezer' music playing right now is gonna kill me, thought - the intermittent bit of grumpy old man humor from the host isn't sufficient to counteract the soporific effects of the early-twentieth century tunes.

Next year, however, my comic is going to involve a wedding that takes place in a blizzard, where all the groomsmen wear white tuxedos (anyone familiar with the notorious Snowbird vs. Wendigo issue of Alpha Flight knows what I am talking about!)

Anyway, back to the drawing board (table, actually).

Roy T Cook

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