Friday, October 17, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together

Planned for the Minneapolis 24-hour Comics Day:

Grumpy's is going to give 24-hour participants a discount during the event. Yay! Thank you Grumpy's. But diners with have to be on the lookout for zombie infestations. It's the Minneapolis Zombie Crawl, starting Saturday evening!

Pizza Luce will supply 24-ers with pizza some time in the wee small hours. Highlight of the night for many. Thank you, Luce!

Planned, but not quite happening:

Wet Paint's art supply mini-store won't be at this year's event. Tim, Wet Paint honcho and mini-store main dude, is sick with the flu. He appologises and promises nifty in-store coupons for all participants. Get well soon, Tim!

So, be sure to bring all your needed art supplies!

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