Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, I'm basically done anyway. I'm going to hang around for a while longer, look over my art and make sure the crosshatching is somewhat consistent.

My goal was to make a 24 page comic in 14 hours or less. It looks like I'm at the 7 hour mark (although my brain is a little fried right now for math), so I accomplished my goal.

David suggested I use my remaining time to scan and color my comics. No, I'm too lazy for that. But once the pages are scanned, you'll be able to find them at my site,

Ryan Dow


houseofduck said...

Way to go Ryan! Look forward to seeing it.

Sorry I couldnt be there to have fun with everyone today. I

n the end it was probably a good thing because even if I had come down I would have probably been called back to pick up a sick child by now...

Ryan Dow said...

Just finished uploading the comic!