Friday, October 17, 2008

The time to panic is now

[From Danno, Mpls 24-hour Czar:]

More news and info HERE.

Make sure to read the gory details of the event wo you can plan appropriately HERE.

Find out how to get your own Kevin Cannon Official 24-hour Comics Day Minneapolis T-shirt HERE.


24 Hour Comic Book Day is less than 24 hours away, and, sadly, we've been hit with 2 pieces of bad news in the last few hours.

1) WET PAINT will NOT be able to have a mini-store during the event. WET PAINT's Tim Jennen has been hit by a virus(like a flu virus, not one of those nasty zombie viruses) and will not be able to attend/have a store.

WET PAINT will however make up some SWEET COUPONS next week for all participants redeemable til the end of the year!

2) Charles Pechonick our blog'o'teer has had a family issue come up and will not be able to blog, so if by any chance you know someone who has just been ITCHING to blog for 24 hours straight, RIGHT NOW would be the time to get them in contact with us at

PLAN B is to set up a communal blog station (which would be awesome), either way, we will survive.

That's your last minute report. See you all(hopefully) a bit before 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.


-- Danno, Mpls. 24-hour Czar

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