Saturday, October 18, 2008

six o'clock and all is well

So it's six o'clock and I'm holed up across from Danno on the eighth page of my comic, slightly behind schedule. Last year, I finished with plenty of time to spare, so this go-around, I figured I could afford to lavish a little more attention on my pages. Ryan Dow (the rascal) is already done, and his comic is a freakin' gas. You should all read it when he posts it on his website. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get my characters out of a dark meeting room and cast atop the arctic circle, or a desert, or some place that isn't so time-consuming to fill with black ink. It seems like doing a complete page at a time is a nice way to go, as it allows you to work out story points in your head while you're busy lettering or inking. Anyhoo, I'd best get back to work, as time is a wasting and my page count is lower than I'd like. Stay tuned - we still got about 14 hours to go.

-Carl Nelson

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