Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is the what

[From Danno, the Mpls. 24-hour czar:]

Hey all future sleepy cartoonists!

It's almost here--24 Hour Comic Day!

So here is a newsletter overflowing with valuable information.

So please read it all.

Or don't.

Either way, we'll all be spending a whole day together and I can smell a liar a mile away, so just bear that in mind.


1) Time/Place/Parking

2) What You'll Need (Wet Paint mini-store)

3) FOOD!

4) 24 Hour Mini-Comic Box-(Printing and Collating)

5) Tips and Tricks

OH! First off--don't forget to tell your friends and family to cheer you on during 24Hour Day via our live blog at: [Hey, that's right here!]


1) Time/Place

Once again we'll be having 24 Hour Day at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS in lovely downtown Minneapolis(its just down the block from BIG BRAIN COMICS).

The event will run from 10am on Saturday, October 18th to 10am on Sunday, October 19th.

I would recommend you arrive at Book Arts by 9:45 on the 18th and stake out a spot so you're ready to go by 10. We'll be sitting inside the gallery/printshop area, and there's always plenty of room.

PARKING--Technically as that you'll be up for a day straight you shouldn't be driving. Should you have no other choice, Book Arts has a free lot(that usually fills up pretty fast). There's also 25 cent/hour meters on the street behind/parallel to Washington, and there are pay lots a plenty.

But again...get a ride. Its just safer.

2) What You'll Need-(Wet Paint mini-store)

You'll want to arrive with the minimum of 24 sheets of paper and something to draw with(pencils/pens/brushes/ink/etc) or a laptop (if thats your thing--free WIFI) for when we begin at 10am.

That said....

Once again this year WET PAINT ART SUPPLIES of St. Paul has been gracious enough to set up a mini-store for a few hours during the 24 Hour Day event. This is chance to purchase paper, pens (PENTEL BRUSH PENS! REFILLS!), pencils, sharpeners, brushes, or whatever it is you need!

Again, the WET PAINT doesn't usually get rolling until an hour or two into the event, so be sure you have a minimum amount of supplies to start at 10am.

Thanks as always WET PAINT.

3) FOOD!

Since munchies are a necessity of 24 Hour Day, we ask you bring something to share for our CARTOONISTS POTLUCK. So bring something edible, drinkable, or...ummm...REALLY edible to share.

A suggestions though: Candy/chocolate/chips may seem like a good idea to keep you going for 24 straight hours(and are!), but you can't survive on that alone, so some of you may want to consider bringing something healthy-ish. ....and Avidor will bring the beer.

In years past PIZZA LUCE has been nice enough to donate us some late night 'za, and it SOUNDS like they'll be doing that again. So...Yay!

Grumpys Bar is down the block from Book Arts and serves up some delicious food for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. AND they usually cut us a drink/sandwich deal. So...Yay again!

And if thats not enough, theres a coffee shop in Book Arts itself that has caffeine-based beverages and some sandwiches too!


After the main event each year we ask the participants(whether you finished or not) to take part in printing up your 24 Hour Comic to submit to the 24 HOUR COMIC DAY MINI-COMIC BOX SETS.

Specifics on how many comics you'll need to print will be determined on how many people participate, but that info will be emailed out in the days following the event.

And all contributors to the box set get a FREE box set(obviously).


And know whats great about October(aside from 24 Hour Comic Day)?

The UPS STORES have their 3 CENT copies sale. This means you can print up your 24 Hour books dirt cheap for the box sets!


We will be collating the 24 Hour box sets on NOVEMBER 6th at Diamonds Coffee Shop during our regularly scheduled monthly Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting. So come collate your 24 Hour mini comic in the boxes and take home some good reading that night!


If this will be your first 24 Hour Day(or even if its not) Kevin and Zander Cannon have both posted some great tips and tricks on surviving and succeeding at 24 Hour Comic Day. So bone up on those at:

Zander's 24-hour comic tips.

Kevin's 24-hour comic tips.

And I'll see you bright and early on the 18th at Book Arts!

--Danno, Mpls 24 Hour Czar


Zander Cannon said...

Since it's about to be bumped off the first page of our blog, here are the posts:

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Athena said...

This sounds AWESOME. I wish I could go.